A Den is a group of six to eight boys, within the pack, that meets approximately two times per month. All dens come together once a month for pack meetings. The den is usually led by two adult volunteers, the Den Leader and the Assistant Den Leader. The den structure allows boys to build relationships with leaders and other boys and to work on a variety of activities. The den also provides some leadership opportunities for the boys.

boatsThe boys are grouped into dens based upon their grade levels and spend the year working toward the following ranks:

Kindergarten: Lions
1st Grade: Tigers
2nd Grade: Wolves
3rd Grade: Bears
4th Grade: Webelos
5th Grade: Arrow of Light

The location of den meetings will vary, depending on the activity(ies) planned for that meeting. Generally, the den will meet at the home of one of the den leaders, but sometimes the dens may meet in a nearby location, such as a community park. From time to time, dens may also go on a “field trip” to visit a museum or fire house, for example.
The Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader attend all den meetings with the Cub Scouts. Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) require that at least two adults be present at all meetings. BSA also requires that an adult partner attend each den meeting with his/her Lion and/or Tiger scout. Sometimes, a parent, guardian, or other family member might be asked to help at a specific den meeting, but family members do not normally attend den meetings beyond the Tiger year.

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